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Becoming A Practical Problem Solver: The Benefits of Earning A Lean Six Sigma Education Through ECE

An Interview with Lean Six Sigma Instructor Maurice “Reese” Spann For Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Maurice “Reese” Spann, the best part of teaching is that special moment when students connect with the material and see the enormous potential in applying Lean Six Sigma to solve problems. “What makes it fun for me is […]

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The Rise and Resilience of Remote Work

A look at today’s remote work, its growth and potential staying power in the post-COVID economy With restaurants open and roadways filled with traffic, the US is well on its way to a post-pandemic recovery. Yet with this shift comes two critical questions that ask how we’ll return to work and how much of an […]

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How Tableau Can Offer an Entry Point into Data Analytics

The Emory Tableau Data Analytics Certificate is unlocking new job opportunities for seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. The term “data analyst” can call up images of perplexing code and advanced algorithms. There may even be a sense of intimidation, trepidation that stems from thoughts of arcane mathematics and mysteriously complex data tools. In reality, a […]

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Emory Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate

Americans have long struggled with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stress-induced illness. Still, a growing appetite for behavioral health expertise has prompted demand for help from certified health and wellness coaches. Evidence can be found in the Emory Continuing Education Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate course where demand and class registration remain […]

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Mary Zimnik Discusses the Digital Craftsmanship in Customer Growth

Emory Instructor Mary Zimnik answers three questions, talking about the new world of digital marketing, what it takes to succeed, and the importance of perennial learning. In 21st Century business, everyone is a marketer, everyone is online, on social media, constantly posting and publishing an endless stream of chatter. The labyrinth of digital messages can […]

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Three Must-Have Skills for Digital Marketing Professionals

Emory University’s Digital Marketing Certificate focuses on three essential skills every digital communications specialist should have to be competitive in today’s job market. The instruction develops a hands-on understanding of social media best practices, Google Analytics, and marketing strategy. Marketing is an evolving industry. The digital world has reframed its messaging tactics and retooled job […]

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Will Competency-based Education Replace Degrees?

How competency-based education programs are gaining momentum and disrupting the status quo Get a degree or get a certificate? That’s the perennial question today as prospective students look at the tumultuous job market and level the costs between a traditional degree and a competency-based education. For many, the speed and affordability of competency-based education (CBE) […]

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Breaking Down Barriers with Lean Six Sigma

Course Feature: Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt Certificate Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is one of the most versatile and in-demand skillsets in business today. It accelerates development, enhances product quality, eliminates waste, and raises revenue. When executed correctly, this business methodology can work wonders to advance a career or bolster a company’s bottom line. […]

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Instructor Profile: Mark Eclavea Deciphers the Business of Business

Emory Instructor Mark Eclavea answers three questions, detailing his expertise, teaching focus, and the benefits professionals can realize from Lean Six Sigma In every age and economy, businesses have hungered for innovative tools to increase profits and decrease costs. Usually, this requires looking at a company’s operations, identifying inefficiencies, and prescribing new solutions. As an […]

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